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Appleton Innovations, with its foundation pillars as Imagine, Innovate and Invent, is a technical training service company for college students as well as Corporate and Government sectors.

  • Start-up by Alumni of IIT Mumbai
  • Working towards making the dream of make in India come true
  • Recommended by top teaching experts in engineering education
  • Guided by Industry experts from IIT, Intel, TCS, Microsoft and other top companies

At Appleton Innovations, we have a dedicated Research & Development team for doing research in IOT, Solar PV and Power Electronics. Our areas of research include Agriculture Technologies, IOT for smart farming, Power Converters Manufacturing, Smart Devices and IOT, Power solutions for smart cities.

We are aimed to create a world of talent where engineering students develop enough skills and trending technologies needed by the industry and can be absorbed directly upon graduation.

Our Services

Appleton Innovations provide projects on trending technologies such as solar, power electronics, IoT and wearable technologies.

Student Projects:

Appleton Innovations mentors students who want to showcase their interests by implementing solar, renewable energy, power electronics, IOT and wearable technology engineering techniques in their Mini and Major Projects of their Engineering Curriculum.

The team nurtures this interest in the students by guiding them build mini or major projects, coming up with their own ideas and providing them industrial support to make their fundamentals strong.

Engineering projects can be done in groups of 3-4 students; students can select the project from the given list or can come up with their own ideas.

For Project Guidance or consultancy, we charge on hourly basis.

For Mini Engineering Projects, fee : ₹ 3000.
For Major Engineering Projects, fee : ₹ 4500.

Fee includes one week of training in basics in electronic product design, development and two days of prototyping support.

Product Prototyping

Want to develop a prototype from the scratch?

We will be with you in each stage guiding through ideation, simulation, designing, testing, building and prototyping.

We provide all facilities.

Industrial Solutions

For any technical solutions in IOT or Power Electronics, we provide quality services.


We offer one-week training programs in

  • Real Time Applications of Power Electronics to Renewable Energy Systems.
  • Advanced Solar Training Program
  • Internet of things using RaspberryPi.
  • Internet of things using Appleton Innovations development board.
  • Wearable Technologies.
  • Sensors and Embedded systems sensing the world.


  •  Smart solar inverter system design and implementation.
  •  Solar mobile charger using converters.
  •  Solar energy systems design and analysis using homer, pvsyst, sam softwares.
  •  Real time applications of power electronics and control of motor drives.
  •  Internet of Things.
  •  Wearable Technologies.

Featured Projects

Take a taste of our latest projects. We are proud of bringing this magic to life!

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