What you will Learn



The Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is the combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies with the Internet of Things(IoT) infrastructure to achieve more efficient IoT operations, improve human-machine interactions and enhance data management and analytics.

You will Learn

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of fundamental IOT paradigms, architectures, Machine Learning Algorithms and Computer Vision
  • The basic usage of the Arduino, Raspberry Pi & Node MCU environment for creating your own embedded projects at low cost
  • Learn Cloud dB’s such as Blynk, Thingspeak and IFTTT
  • Python, Embedded C Programming will be covered.
  • Learn Machine Learning with Python, Scikit Learn, Matplotlib, Numpy and pandas
  • Generating data from Internet of Thing (IoT) devices and apply data analytics
  • Master in Supervised and Unsupervised learning concepts and Modeling.
  • Understand the operation of linear regression, polynomial regression, anomaly detection, z-score  analysis, Support vector machines, decision tree, K-nearest neighbors and  K means clustering.
  • Face Recognition using OpenCV and Deep Learning 


Course Duration and Fee

Duration: 7days/ 15 days / 30 days (50 hours) Classroom Training

Fee: INR 8,850/- (Including Training, Certificate, Kit and IoT iLead Membership)

**Group Discounts available

Next Batch starting from 15 April 2020 at Vizag (Visakhapatnam) ! Enroll Now

Internet  of Things (IoT) Summer Internship batches starts from 15 April 2020.  Limited seats available. Book seat in advance by paying RS 1000/-

More than 25 Real Time Projects


  • Project 1: Voice Controlled Home Automation using Smartphone
  • Project 2: Control RGB Led lights using App
  • Project 3: Developing Smart Workspace Based IOT with Artificial Intelligence Using Telegram Chat bot
  • Project 4: Artificial Intelligence-Based Chat bot for Appliance Control
  • Project 5: Use Arduino to upload free data from Environmental Sensors to Thing speak Cloud Server. 
  • Project 6: Automatically Tweet Sensor Data on Twitter
  • Project 7: Smart Applet projects based on IFTTT
  • Project 8: Panic Alaram Health product using NodeMCU and BLYNK APP
  • Project 9: Motion Sensor based Home automation
  • Project 10: Notification cube for alerts
  • Project 11: LED Blinking using Python Raspberry pi library
  • Project 12: Temperature and Humidity sensing using DHT-11 sensor and Raspberry Pi
  • Project 13: Motion detection using Raspberry pi
  • Project 14:Sending Sensor Data to Cloud using Raspberry Pi
  • Project 15: Sending emails through your Gmail account
  • Project 16: Sending email alerts when Motion detected using PIR sensor
  • Project 17: Bit coin Alert System
  • Project 18: Predicting Rain by using Simple Logistic Regression
  • Project 19: Predicting Number Of Bike Sharing Users using simple linear Regression Model
  • Project 20: Fake news detection using Passive Aggressive (PA) algorithm
  • Project 21: Temperature Prediction using Polynomial Regression
  • Project 22: Restaurant Recommendation System
  • Project 23: Sentiment Analysis SVM
  • Project 24: Smart Refrigerator by using interquartile range (Anomaly Detection) 
  • Project 25: IOT Based Smart Irrigation controller
  • Project 26:Face Recognition using OpenCV and Raspberry Pi
  • Project 27:Smart Doorbell with Face Recognition using OpenCV and Raspberry Pi


AIoT_Summer_Internship2020 (pdf)