About Summer Internship Training on Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT Summer Internship Training by Appleton Innovations is a  7 days / 15 days / 30 days classroom training program in the field of electronics, cloud, analytics, sensor/actuator integration, and building intelligent internet-connected devices.    



Using Arduino development kit, NodeMCU and Raspberry-Pi, you will develop projects like Home Automation using IOT, Weather Station, IOT based smart irrigation controller and many other projects 

Why Internet of Things (IOT) Training from Appleton Innovations?

  1. We have research and development team working in IOT
  2. Learn from IoT Developers, IIT Alumni and Industry veterans
  3. 30 Real Time IoT Projects will be covered in this Training. 
  4. 100% Classroom training with hands on session
  5. Our syllabus is professionally designed to cover Basic as well as Advance aspects of IOT using Arduino, NodeMCU and Raspberry-Pi
  6. Each day of our training is well planned to provide you with Theoretical as well as Practical Knowledge of the module 
  7. Each day will come up with New Practical& Projects which makes the training interesting and exciting. 
  8. Time for Project work /Ideation/concept design will be provided to the students, in which students will develop a project of their own choice. This will encourage Innovative Ideas among students. 

Course Duration and Fee

Duration: 7days/ 15 days / 30 days (50 hours) Classroom Training

Fee: INR 8,850/- (Including Training, Certificate, Kit and IoT iLead Membership)

**Group Discounts available

Next Batch starting from 15 April 2020 at Vizag (Visakhapatnam) ! Enroll Now

Internet of Things (IoT) Summer Internship batches starts from 15 April 2020. Limited seats available. Book seat in advance by paying RS 1000/-

More than 30 Real Time Projects

Build your own Prototypes

 Project 1: Voice Controlled Home Automation using Smartphone 

Project 2: Control RGB Led lights using App

Project 3: Use Arduino to upload free data from Environmental Sensors to Cloud Server. 

Project 4: Automatically Tweet Sensor Data on Twitter. 

Project 5: IOT Based Smart Irrigation controller

Project 6: Smart Applet projects based on IFTTT

Project 7: Panic Alaram Health product using NodeMCU and IFTTT

Project 8: Motion Sensor based Home automation

Project 9: Smart Door Light

Project 10: Philips Hue Light Model design

Project 11: Notification cube for alerts

Project 12: Controlling Home Appliances using Bluetooth and Android application

Project 13: IoT based Plant Monitoring System

Project 14: Simple LED control using bash commands 

Project 15: LED Blinking using Python Raspberry pi library

Project 16: Temperature and Humidity sensing using DHT-11 sensor and Raspberry Pi

Project 17: Motion detection using Raspberry pi

Project 18:Sending Sensor Data to Cloud using Raspberry Pi

Project 19: Sending emails through your Gmail account

Project 20: Sending email alerts when Motion detected using PIR sensor

Project 21: Home Automation GUI Application using Python and Tkinter

Project 22: RGB led control Application using Python and Tkinter

Project 23: Flask and Python based Web Application to control GPIO over Internet

Project 24: Controlling LIGHTS with Node-Red dash Board

Project 25: Sensor data visualization on Node-Red dash board

Project 26: Post images on Social Media

Project 27: Upload Raspberry Pi sensor data to Cloud

Project 28: Automated Photo booth

Project 29: Logging data on to Google docs

Project 30 : Control NodeMCU using Blynk Local Server

IoT Content

Covers all core concepts of IoT

Module 1: Introduction to Internet of Things

Module 2: Getting Started with Arduino

Module 3: Sensors, Signals & Electronics

Module 4: Actuators

Module 5: Wireless Communication Technologies

Module 6: Basic Networking with NodeMCU

Module 7: Cloud Data Monitoring using Arduino:

Module 8: Smart Applets suing IFTTT

Module 9: Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Module 10: Interfacing Hardware with the Raspberry Pi

Module 11: Introduction to Python Programming

Module 12: GUI Development using Python and Tkinter

Module 13: IoT using Blynk Mobile Platform

Module 14: Node-Red: M2M and Gateway

Module 15: Cloud Data Monitoring using Raspberry Pi

Module 16: GPIO Control using Python and Flask framework

Program Benefits

Training Certificate

Internship Certificate

Training Certificate


On successful completion of training program, Training certificate will be provided

Real Time Projects

Internship Certificate

Training Certificate


Build More then 30 Real time IoT Projects using Arduino, NodeMCU, Raspberry Pi development boards. Learn Python, Arduino and Cloud

Internship Certificate

Internship Certificate

Implement your own project idea


Internship Certificate will be provided on completion of Internet of Things (IoT) Hackathon

Implement your own project idea

Free Membership IoT iLead Program

Implement your own project idea


Our Experts will help you to convert your idea into working IoT prototype

Free IoT Kit

Free Membership IoT iLead Program

Free Membership IoT iLead Program


Participants will get take-home(Internet of Things) IoT Kit for free.

Free Membership IoT iLead Program

Free Membership IoT iLead Program

Free Membership IoT iLead Program


Internship Training is not just for a month. We designed our flagship program IoT iLead to make you as a IoT Professional.  You will get free membership once you enroll in this internship program

Pay Rs 1000/- to Book your seat in advance